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User Interface Development
Tactiq makes complex systems easy and intuitive to use with our outstanding User Interface design and development skills.

User Interface Development


Developing demanding user interfaces to IEC 62366 standards. Tactiq's expertise in User Task Analysis ensures there is a clear, documented understanding of the user's need for information, decision making process, logic and workflow. We leverage the knowledge of the client's own experts as well as working with end users.


Tactiq excels in architecting software frameworks that manage and support task focused User Interface components. Our combined expertise enables us to rapidly develop a User Interface in partnership with our clients, which can be quickly evaluated and perfected to ensure speed to market and a competitive edge.





Track Record
Our Approach

A good User Interface is vital for the commercial success of a product. Designs driven by technology and packed with great features will fail if they are difficult to use. Even products with attractive User Interfaces will disappoint if they have too many features that compete for the user's attention and slow down feature selection or operation. Our disciplined approach ensures the products are optimised for cost, usability, performance and quality to fully address the customer goals and product requirements.


User Interface Design Consultancy

As well as developing embedded HMI systems for clients, Tactiq also provides a pure user interface design consultancy service. This consultancy can start at the concept stage of development or to critique an existing design and guide improvements.


Intelligent User Interface Design

It is important that a User Interface design takes account of the experience and knowledge of end users. A User Interface will often need to support both simple and sophisticated users, for example in medical equipment a consultant needs a different depth of information than a typical operator. The User interface must allow all users to interact at the appropriate level, guiding less experienced operators and giving maximum flexibility to power users. We account for these needs in our User Interface designs to develop systems that are user-centred, minimise user errors and maximise customer acceptance.


Tactiq understands the importance of data visualisation and skilfully applies the best use of analogue or digital displays, colours, positioning, menu structures and status monitoring.

User Interface Development Skills

  • Analysis techniques; User Task Analysis, interviewing and ethnography.
  • Structured and Object Orientated Design using UML design methodologies.
  • Architecture design to interact with complex sub-systems and multiple databases.
  • Graphical representation design.
  • Healthcare User Interfaces.
  • GUI graphic toolkits.
  • Expertise in data visualisation techniques.
  • User Interface Management Information Systems.
  • Layout tools including X Designer, UIM-X and VISA-J.
  • Java Swing, Motif, X Windows, .Net platform and DirectX.

Specialist Areas

  • User task analysis and design
  • Intuitive User Interfaces for complex systems
  • Embedded HMI / GUI systems
  • Real-time imaging systems and video streaming
  • Optimising display of large amounts of data on a GUI
  • Software architecture design and implementation
  • Medical / Clinical workflow mapping
  • Rejuvenating User Interfaces maintaining existing architectures
  • Screen real-estate optimisation
  • Critical application environments including Healthcare, Automotive and Industrial.

Track Record

Tactiq developed User Interfaces are being used globally in their thousands every minute of the day. Some example projects are shown below:


  • Tactiq designed and implemented a touch screen healthcare User Interface for a pupillometer to perform eye examinations and display the data for diagnostics or screening. This real-time system enables ophthalmologists to quickly run a number of tests with instant results for surgical and other applications.
  • Tactiq have developed a very innovative automotive driver user interface for a ground breaking electric vehicle project. The User Interface had to mix novel requirements such as focusing on range, battery life and power usage with current automotive conventions. The result ensures a low cognitive load on the driver with an intuitive interactive touch screen user interface.
  • With complete responsibility for the healthcare User Interface design and software implementation of a telemedicine endoscopy system, we took the many demanding constraints and developed a very user friendly system that incorporates powerful functionality. The system involves real-time, two-way multiple imaging and voice interactions coupled with record, storage and retrieval to enable practitioners to quickly and efficiently perform procedures.
  • The User Interface on medical imaging systems must manipulate large amounts of data, scanning options and imaging results at the same time as providing the user with an intuitive, easy to use system which is safe and facilitates increased work efficiency and patient throughput. Tactiq developed such a system for GE Healthcare including the on-screen design, workflow and software architecture to create a highly successful global product.