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Industrial and Scientific Product Development
Tactiq's skills and experience developing demanding real-time systems for high value, high precision applications makes us an ideal partner for industrial applications.

Industrial and Scientific Product Development


Applications such as laboratory, production control or processing equipment tend to need significant investment for lower volume, more complex equipment. High reliability and quality of operation are therefore paramount and Tactiq's skills and track record of software and electronics development demonstrate our abilities to meet these demands. We also understand that systems need to be flexible and easily upgradeable which we ensure through intelligent architectures and implementation. In-field support is also important so our post production processes and experience provide clients with a long term partner which has been used by our clients for almost ten years.


Industrial Vibration Controller



Quality & Regulatory
Specialist Areas

  • Hard real-time embedded software development for safety critical environments
  • Systems engineering and electronics design
  • Signal processing on robust embedded platforms (e.g. PowerPC, DSP, X86)
  • Imaging solutions in visible and near visible light
  • Military active noise reduction and vibration control
  • Complex algorithm development and implementation
  • High speed data acquisition and processing
  • Advanced DSP and FPGA solutions
  • User interfaces on Windows, Linux and RTOS platforms
  • Communication systems, digital and analog.
  • Demanding data acquisition and processing systems
  • Modelling with Matlab and Simulink
  • Motion control including continuous, linear and stepped.

For greater detail on our specific skills and services please follow to our Systems & Electronics, Embedded Software, User Interfaces, Turnkey Development or Project Assessment pages.

Technical Expertise

Tactiq's engineers have the experience and expertise in demanding embedded software and electronics to enable us to rapidly take a product from concept through to production with intelligent decisions at every stage. Jointly deriving a clear set of requirements for industrial applications is extremely important as the environment of operation and interactions with other systems are often complex and early definition of these supports a solid development process. Tactiq also selects the top level architecture early in the process which enables us to perform modelling and simulation to identify potential issues quickly and give confidence in both architecture and performance. We then take the product through the detailed design phases, prototyping, testing, validation and support the series production whilst working very closely with the clients' team.


For industrial user interface development, we have in-depth knowledge of User Task Analysis techniques to ensure the user's needs are clearly understood, combined with the software skills to rapidly develop solutions that make complex systems simple to use.

Global Scope

Tactiq project managers and engineers have planned and executed projects with client teams around the world including the USA, Israel, Asia, Scandinavia and mainland Europe. We have a flexible approach to projects which means we can integrate fully with a client's project team or drive the project more remotely. Whichever way the client wishes to structure a project, we always ensure it is a total team approach with close, trusting communications and regular face to face meetings at key project phases.

Quality & Regulatory Procedures

Tactiq have developed safety systems to IEC 61508 and IEC 61010 standards, and follows very robust quality systems. From initial proposals, through design, certification and in-field support, Tactiq have proven quality disciplines that ensure the highest standards are kept throughout.

Track Record

Tactiq has a proven track record in this field, some example projects are shown below:

  • Tactiq have developed a number of demanding real-time systems for safety critical environments such as Healthcare, Automotive and Defence. We apply the same stringent disciplines and processes to all of our projects and approach all challenges with an intelligent, science based methodology combined with the knowledge and experience of real world applications.