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Accoustics & Vibration Control Development and Software
An expertise in systems architecture, algorithms and systems modelling for hard real-time embedded systems is essential in developing active acoustic and vibration control systems.

Active Noise Cancellation Development


Active noise cancellation using anti-phase sound waves to cancel unwanted noise has been around for many years but it's application is now rapidly expanding due to the capability of modern digital electronics and the ability to achieve performance that cannot be achieved with traditional passive approaches. Cancelling noise and vibration has moved on from simple feed-forward or feed-back systems targeting isolated, specific areas, to composite systems with more complex algorithms targeting larger areas and multiple sources.


Tactiq takes a system modelling approach to ensure that the physical systems, electronics and algorithms work together allowing different system architectures to be evaluated without costly prototype development. This approach coupled to our extensive algorithm development, acoustic signal processing and active noise cancellation and vibration control systems experience, enables predictable, lower risk development of demanding acoustic and vibration control systems.

Active Noise Control

Our Approach

Active control systems are often complimentary to traditional passive approaches with the passive systems controlling high frequencies effectively and the active control systems handling lower frequencies. The nature of the physical system and type of noise determine the choice of system architecture. Options for these architectures are listed below but combinations are also used for more complex applications:


  • Single input, single output or multiple input, multiple output
  • Feedback or Feedforward
  • Time domain or frequency domain


A number of different algorithms can be employed such as Filtered XLMS/ULMS, RLS or Lyapunov tuned LMS, and determination of these and the best architecture are driven by answering the following basic questions:


  • Is the noise narrow band, broadband or mixed?
  • Is the volume to be controlled large or small compared to the wavelength of the noise?
  • Can the noise be sensed independently from the control output?
  • Is the noise predictable, stochastic or mixed?


Tactiq's total system approach includes modelling the physical system and control solution at the concept design stage to identify the technical challenges early and predict the likely performance. This approach ensures the final product can be realised, has the performance expected and gives a platform for further features.

Specific Skills Area

  • Hard real-time software development
  • Complex algorithm development, implementation and testing
  • DSP software programming
  • System modelling and simulation
  • Acoustic signal processing
  • Prototype development for concept demonstrators

Our Solutions & Technical Challenges

  • The challenge was to develop an active noise control system for broadband stochastic noise in a small volume for very harsh environments. The solution needed to be small, very low power, low cost and robust. Tactiq firstly modelled the physical systems identifying the system topology and algorithms that would meet the performance requirements. We then built a demonstrator and valuation system, primarily using off the shelf components, to allow the system performance to be proven at low cost and risk. We then performed the detailed electronic and software design to support the series production of a high volume low cost product.
  • Working on an active vibration control system, Tactiq's expertise in developing and testing complex algorithms enabled the client to get to market quickly with a ground breaking product.
  • Tactiq have the skills in hard real time embedded software and systems including high performance DSPs and algorithm development that are ideally suited to active noise and vibration systems. These skills have been successfully employed on a number demanding systems including an innovative automotive vibration system to help our clients develop leading products with the competitive edge in their marketplace.


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