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Embedded Software Development
Tactiq has been developing complex embedded software since 1996 and has an outstanding track record of successful applications with prestigious and exacting customers.

Embedded Software Development


Our embedded software expertise is based on more than 20 years of experience in the development of embedded and real-time software. Our detailed knowledge of embedded software and electronics enables us to develop architectures that deliver the performance required while minimising cost and development time. Using structured and object orientated design techniques we create designs which are reliable, easy to maintain and to extend.



Track Record
Our Approach

Tactiq are experts in hard real-time embedded software development for applications ranging from motion control to active noise cancellation. Working with high performance processors and DSPs, we have created leading edge, innovative designs, solving some really tough, demanding problems. Our disciplined approach ensures the products are optimised for cost, performance and quality to fully address the customer goals and product requirements.


Reliability & Risk Reduction

Product innovation involves risk which Tactiq minimises for customers with our skills, experience and partnership approach. We maintain and manage a risk register throughout the program starting with clear requirements definition and intelligent design concepts. Robust software is assured with skilled software design, coding reviews, thorough testing and the use of tools and simulators.


Embedded Software Development Skills

  • Real-time embedded systems
  • Multi threaded multi process software
  • Real-time device drivers, Unix kernel development
  • USB and Ethernet applications
  • Test tools, debuggers, simulators and emulators
  • Algorithm development and implementation
  • Graphical UI design and development
  • Structured and object orientated UML software design
  • DSP and Image processing algorithms
  • High speed digital data acquisition and processing
  • Safety related software, IEC 61508and MISRA
  • DICOM network connectivity
  • GUI toolkits including PEG and Qt
  • Real-time motion control
  • Closed loop adaptive systems
  • Embedded databases

Specialist Areas

  • Hard real-time (<10μs) embedded software applications
  • Image capture and processing
  • Active noise cancellation and vibration control
  • User interfaces on Windows and Unix
  • Automotive MISRA standard software
  • Digital signal processing
  • Complex, high performance algorithms development and implementation
  • Safety related software
  • Motion control
  • Medical device connectivity

Track Record

Tactiq have a history of taking on tough challenges and delivering exceptional results, some example projects are shown below:


  • Tactiq were responsible for developing the GE Healthcare acquisition platform supporting a range of Nuclear Medicine systems and advanced scanning systems. Using LynxOS on x86 PCs as well as embedded SBCs and POSIX compliant UNIX with a hard real-time kernel system formed the basis of the platform. A system integrating real-time data acquisition and motion control with a Motif/X libraries based GUI running on a standard PC meant lower costs and met all project targets including the upgrade benefits from future PC technology development.
  • Tactiq designed and co-developed a medical digital image acquisition and processing solution using the VxWorks real-time operating system running on an embedded PowerPC SBC. By implementing a common software infrastructure and build environment, we ensured that application software, debug and error logging tools were shared between the embedded and host system, significantly reducing development time and ongoing engineering maintenance costs.
  • We successfully developed a ground breaking digital active noise cancellation system for harsh environments where other leading organisations had failed. The system cancels both stochastic and predictable noise in real-time whilst improving voice intelligibility. Tactiq developed and implemented the algorithms working at both Assembler and C language level to optimise performance.
  • For a demanding Automotive safety critical application, we developed a significant part of the underlying software to run the complex algorithms. We also designed and developed a software testing environment to run thousands of test cases to assure system integrity.