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Device Drivers for Electronics Developments from Tactiq
Developing reliable and efficient device drivers requires in-depth knowledge of both the application software and hardware to ensure optimum use of the system.

Device Drivers for Electronics Developments


Device drivers provide access to the hardware features and are vitally important to the performance, reliability and flexibility of the system. As device drivers are the link between the application software and hardware components, developers must have an in-depth knowledge of both to ensure the driver is reliable, efficient and well structured.


Tactiq uses it's knowledge of electronics and software systems to develop drivers for standard or custom electronics that empowers application software with the full capabilities of the system through a simple, stable and extensible interface. We have experience of a range of operating systems and device drivers including Linux, Vx Works, LynxOS, USB, serial network cards, wireless systems and graphics cards. We select the optimum solution for each application whether that is an off-the-shelf package or we develop a bespoke solution.

Device Driver Development

Our Approach

Platform based development is key to rapid and reliable development of a wide range of products. Device drivers are a fundamental element in making a platform based approach work. The driver interface must be designed so that the software is independent of the detailed hardware implementation and to allow current and future features to be implemented using a consistent and well defined software interface. Tactiq has developed software interfaces that allow our clients to support a wide range of system types and hardware platforms to be supported with common software minimising development and maintenance costs.


Design Considerations

Networking standards at all levels allow data exchange between systems which in principle enable distributed and integrated healthcare systems. In practice, however, different implementations may not work well together and systems are sometimes focussed on the technology rather than the needs of the user. Tactiq develop systems that support and enhance the needs of users, allowing them to perform their task more effectively and our experience and knowledge of healthcare networking means the systems we develop are flexible to work well with all manufacturers equipment.


Specific Skills Area

  • Network drivers for complex real time Unix systems
  • High performance DMA based interfaces
  • Simple executives, schedulers
  • Parallel and serial I/O drivers
  • Unix Kernels
  • Connectivity via USB, RS232, Ethernet and wireless
  • Broadcom 570x single & dual port NIC, ECG Input PCI Drivers, EDI Flash Drivers, etc.

Our Solutions & Technical Challenges

Tactiq have experience of developing device drivers for a wide range of device types and software environments. For more information or to discuss how we may be able to support you, please contact us.


We support the Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Defence markets.