"Your Product Development in Safe Hands"

About Us
Our expertise in complex product development gives our clients the competitive edge to win in their marketplace. With a "safe pair of hands" for the toughest challenges, we deliver world class solutions.

What We Do

Tactiq is a product development consultancy specialising in software, electronics and user interfaces for demanding embedded systems. With our partnership approach and high level of expertise we dramatically reduce the risk of innovative product development, increase speed to market and ensure all the requirements are met. We serve the Medical, Automotive, Defence and Industrial markets.


Who We Are

Tactiq (formerly Atalanta Consulting Ltd) was formed in 1996 by a group of ex-GE Healthcare professionals sharing a goal to reduce the time and risk incurred developing innovative, high quality embedded systems. Tactiq has now grown into a successful business serving clients ranging from small technology companies to blue chip corporations. We continue with a passion for the consistent provision of high quality electronic and software product development solutions. All our designs and development services are developed using ISO 13485:2016 compliant processes.




Track Record
Partnership Collaborative Engineering
& Global Development
Leadership Team
Managing Director: Allen Velani

A co-founder of Tactiq in 1996, Allen has been responsible for shaping Tactiq's successful IT and operations strategy and has been instrumental in building the business teams and offerings. Prior to founding Tactiq, Allen worked for GE Healthcare and Schlumberger and has 13 years experience designing leading edge products in the healthcare and power generation markets with a particular specialism in user interface design. He has a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Cognitive Science, University of Manchester.

Technical Director: Alan Johnson (AJ)

A co-founder of Tactiq, AJ's engineering leadership and outstanding technical guidance to the teams has resulted in a number of "World Firsts" for clients. Prior to founding Tactiq, AJ worked in a number of senior engineering positions in GE Healthcare and has almost 25 years experience developing demanding embedded systems and leading international teams. He has a BA and MA in Mathematics & Physics, Cambridge University and is a member of the IET, SAE and IPEM.

Risk Reduction

Tactiq minimises the risk for customers with clear requirements definition, intelligent design concepts, risk management throughout the project and with our partnership approach. Robust designs are assured with skilled intelligent design, deep-dive reviews, thorough testing and the use of tools and simulators. Strong, dedicated project managers ensure high quality solutions are delivered on time and on budget.


We offer fixed priced contracts even for major innovations to further reduce client's risks.


By building long term relationships with clients, Tactiq is valued as part of their team and plays a key role in driving their business to future success. We ensure success by listening and understanding our customer's needs and aligning our goals with the client's right from the start with a commitment to deliver.

Collaborative Engineering

We tailor our teams to interlink with the client's key individuals, effectively leveraging their IP and the combined team competencies. Throughout the development, our partnership approach ensures we are continuously adding substantial value to our client. We are flexible to manage changes in scope and overcome challenges with open and trusting communication.


We often work closely with our client's teams starting from jointly deriving the requirements including supporting business case evaluations, feasibility studies and feature decisions. Our systems adapt to mesh with the individual client’s processes to support their milestones, deliverables and tracking matrices for each project phase. Tactiq have taken projects from early proof of concepts right through to long term post-production support.



Global Development

We support many international clients with projects in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Tactiq's track record working with leading edge technology companies worldwide clearly demonstrates our successful application of effective project skills.


To find out how you could gain a competitive advantage from partnering Tactiq, please take a look at the services we offer, the technology focus areas and contact us for more information.