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Product Improvement
At Tactiq we quickly understand designs address problems and find opportunities to enhance and improve the design.

Existing Product Improvement


Even the most successful product can be improved. Product Improvement ensures products achieve their full potential by rejuvenating them. Small design changes can extend product life, increase margin and improve customer satisfaction. New features can be added to maintain competitiveness or to create new sales opportunities. Obsolescence problems can be addressed enabling continued production and support.


At Tactiq we quickly understand designs, address problems and find opportunities to enhance and improve the design.



Cost Reliability User
Performance Obsolescence and
New Features
Cost Reduction

At Tactiq we understand that time-to-market can be critical. For this reason early products may have been designed for early introduction instead of minimum cost. This is why many organisations perform a planned cost reduction exercise after release. Cost reduction can be worthwhile for even the most successful products that are in production because of changes in component pricing, improvements in the manufacturing process and changes in the available technology. We review the design, identify the opportunities and the trade-offs of time, risk and development costs allowing an informed decision on the best route forward. Depending on the design, cost savings can be made by changes to the hardware and/or the software.


Products should be designed for reliability, ensuring that components operate within specifications and that internal and external influences have been accounted for. Functional, unit, environmental, stress and accelerated aging testing all have a role. Well designed and tested products may still have problems when widely deployed due to unexpected or unintended use, the environment, component variations, errors in the production or design, or changes in the manufacturing process. Optimising the design for reliability improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

Improved User Interface

Modern electronic devices, especially smart phones and tablets, have hugely raised expectations about the aesthetic and usability aspects of electronic products. Text and button based user interfaces give an old fashioned look and undermine the perceived value. Tactiq develop easy to use graphical user interfaces with good usability.



Performance Improvement and Software Optimisation

The focus of software development is clarity and ease of maintenance but there are times when performance matters, either for speed or minimising power consumption. The best performance may be needed for a product to stand out from others. Software optimisation can reduce costs for example to allow code to fit in smaller memory on embedded products or to allow the use of cheaper, lower performance parts.

Tactiq have experience of optimising software for a wide variety of needs with a wide range of processors from microcontrollers, to DSPs and graphics processors. Hand coding critical sections can often give large benefit particularly when there are specialist hardware resources that can be used such as MACs, multiple execution units etc.


Component obsolescence can be the bane of product manufacture. One-time buys only postpone the issue and new product design is time consuming and costly. The best solution minimises risk, cost and time. Small scale redesign and software changes may allow continued manufacturing. Tactiq have decades of experience in supporting successful products.

New features, options and accessories

A product can be refreshed at low cost and risk with new software features or add on accessories. Tactiq are expert at understanding existing designs and how to extend them with low risk and cost, adding years to a products life.