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Privacy Policy
Tactiq's considered approach to handling user data

Privacy Notice


We take privacy seriously and only use personal information where appropriate and necessary.

Tactiq, Neologiq and Centriq collect contact information for suppliers, clients and potential clients consisting of names, job titles and professional contact information including e-mail address and telephone numbers.

The information is collected by recording the contact details of customers and suppliers representatives.

It is collected to allow to support our legitimate interest to operate as a business.

It is used to follow up sales enquiries and execute projects.

It is shared by staff within Tactiq, Neologiq and Centriq and partner organisations and clients as required to execute projects.

Very occasionally personal identity information may be collected incidentally as part of the investigation of an issue with a medical device. This occurs when data held within the event log or database of the system under investigation holds information which is required for the investigation and also incidentally holds identifying information. This is a rare event and systematic collection or collection of information unrelated to the issue is not performed. This information is retained as part of the issue investigation and to facilitate the investigation of any possible future medical device incident that may be related to an issue that has been investigated. It is a vital interest that any potential medical device failure causing a hazard can be investigated effectively. Such information is only accessible within this organisation but may be provided to the device manufacturer or appropriate, regulatory bodies or medical institution concerned.

You may request whether information about you is held and on verification of your identity we will confirm the information that is held. Errors in the information held will be corrected or data erased on request when the data is no longer required. Contact enquiries@tactiq.co.uk to begin this process.